Career Coach


Context of Engagement

  • Identify Career Anchors for self and plan for long term career fulfilment
  • Develop professional capacities towards Career Goals and make progress
  • Prepare for new career opportunities and clear the recruitment process


  • Defined by the client with the support of the Coach before engagement start
  • To be firmed up in the first engagement session

Process Mechanics :

  • A discussion session of 75-90 minutes duration each in F2F or Skype Sessions
  • Focus on Career Anchors assessment , Goals Review and Action Plans


  • Career Milestone Based:
    • The Quarter-Life Career Crisis (20-35 age group)
    • Career / Role Transition Coaching
  • Skill Based:
    • Personal Performance Coaching
    • Emotional Intelligence Coaching
  • Process Based:
    • CV Design, Interview skills Coaching, Psychometric Assessments

Toolkits Applications

Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment : Listing major talent themes

TMD’s Breakthrough Technology : Transforming challenge areas

TMD’s Game Changer Technology : Designing and playing bigger games

Package Details

Around 6 to 10 Sessions as per Goals Audit

 Package Price

Available on request / Call or mail us




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