Business Strategy Booster


Business Strategy



  • Endow participants with practical skills to make sense of VUCA world
  • Develop skills to strategize in the context of industry opportunity and organizational focus


  • Classroom Hours along with live project work
  • Use of App Based Environment for self learning

Participant Profile                                                                                                                                                          

Graduate and Post Graduate Students interested to climb the corporate ladder to senior management position

Course Content

  • Strategy Overview (2 hrs)
    • Military and Corporate Strategy – Evolution & Cases
  • Organizational Strategy (3 hrs)
    • Rule of 3 and Blue Ocean Strategy – an Introduction
  • Marketing Strategy (2 hrs)
    • Consumer NeedScope Based Strategy
  • Technology Strategy (2 hrs)
    • Interplay with Organizational and Marketing Strategy
  • Collaborative Strategies (1 hr)
    • Interlinkages between different function specific strategies
  • Project Discussions – Live Strategic Projects (2 hrs)
    • Group wise feedback and discussion on multiple scenarios


Around 12 hours of Classroom Sessions

Package Price

Rs 9,900 + Applicable Taxes for Booster Package


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