Career With Us

Let’s start making one thing very clear that we are not looking for employees in our organization. Surprising, isn’t it!

So we are looking for entrepreneurs to be part of TMD Inc team. More precisely, we are looking for those with entrepreneurial spirit, who want to solve hard practical problems and to change the course of the world aspiring beyond their immediate locus of control.

We promise you enough such opportunities in the business projects with our entrepreneurial client partners driving businesses big and small. You would not just enhance your core functional skills, but prepare holistically for your journey as an entrepreneur yourself.

Not surprisingly, we would be one-of-a-kind company in the entire world, which hires people and prepares them to leave the company one day to chart their own entrepreneurial future.

A Career Journey with both Professional & Personal Outcomes

professional journey margdarshak
Personal Journey themargdarshak

A Typical Day Work

At TheMargdarshk Inc, you would be tested on your entrepreneurial limits of thinking and execution.

Typical Day Work TheMargdarshak